Treehouse Forums

At Treehouse, we view the opinions of Canada’s most successful family business leaders as an untapped resource for making meaningful social impact.

Treehouse Forums leverages the talent, leadership, and collective wisdom of Canada’s most affluent with intimate gatherings of other Family Offices around specific topics related to your family needs and goals. They connect families with families and establish trusted networks for the next generation. They allow for sharing and exploring of investment opportunities, succession planning, impact investing, family brand protection, and philanthropy.

At the same time, Treehouse Forums provides a voice to collaborate and speak collectively on important national issues and has established a platform to bring thought leaders and expertise into national dialogues on issues of economic and social concern because knowing what is relevant helps the true growth of your family and its enterprises.

Treehouse will kick-off an innovative outreach program to solicit our clients’ thoughts on social, community and economic issues. This research will be a comprehensive survey of ultra-high net worth families about matters of direct concern to them and their communities. Our exclusive public policy forums will be geared towards selected families that we believe to be a valuable resource to Canada’s policy makers.

Treehouse Forums is an initiative that empowers future generations and the broader community as a whole.