About Treehouse

At Treehouse, our approach to strategic wealth management is based on repositioning the capital agenda from financial capital to family capital.

We believe that true financial growth is a by-product of family growth; growth increasingly reliant on social and human networks, what we refer to as relationship intelligence.

Relationship intelligence is increasingly more relevant and complex.

As families grow, the relationships, values and purpose of individual family members diverge and the need to find and nurture the common family denominators become not just important but imperative. That is the basis of sustaining true family growth.

Treehouse believes that financial growth is intimately linked to true family growth. We recognize the importance of your family values and goals. We recognize that family diversity can be a strength but needs to be rooted and harvested optimally so it can last for generations to come.

It is about sustaining family wealth, planning for the long term, and building and sustaining a brand while ensuring its legacy through a strong framework of communication and governance.